Dina Yoffe discography

Seria "The Real Chopin" NIFC 012,on Pleyel  piano (Paris,1848) with F.Chopin program More Information

R.Schumann Sonata in f sharp minor  and  F.Chopin  Four Scherzo's (PAMP-1036/2009) More Information

Seria"The Real Chopin" NIFC 024,on Pleyel,1848,Erard,1849 ,Works for two pianos with Daniel Vaiman.

F.Chopin 24 Preludes (VD-VDC-1334).
F.Chopin Fantasy in f-minor, 19 Waltzes (CD-VICC-63).
R. Schumann Symphony Etudes opus.13 , Kreisleriana opus.16 (AGPL-003).
F.Chopin Mazurkas op.59, Polonaise Fantasie op.61 (Muza SX1307),
F.Chopin Concerto in f minor op.21, (Nippon Columbia OX-1164-PM and Muza SX1335).
F.Chopin Sonata in  b minor op.58,Nocturne in b major op.62, Scherzo E major op.54, (Melodiya S10-15007-8  and Victor VIC-2300).

DVD live recordings with works of A.Scriabin,S.Rachmaninov for NHK,
as well as works by F.Chopin, F.Schubert, R.Schumann, S.Prokofiev,etc,

Chamber music :
F.Schubert Duo,Fantasie in c major for piano and violin with M. Vaiman (XCP-5026),
S.Prokofiev Sonata in f minor for violin and piano, K.Szymanowski pieces op.40 with M.Vaiman (AGPL001).
G.Tartini Sonata "Le Trille du Diable",I.Stravinsky Suite for violin and piano,with M.Vaiman (XCP5021).
Trios von L.v.Beethoven,S.Rachmaninov