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"...Her playing flowed beautifully, and avoided even the slightest hint of sentimentality. Hers was a strongly felt authentic Chopin. Maestro Zubin Mehta collaborated marvellously as a perfect accompanist."

[ B.Bar-Ami,Jerusalem Post ]

"...Every moment of her performance, her gentleness and the warmth generated for both the music and the audience penetrated into the listener's heart. There was the light and the shadow of intellect.D.Yoffe is performer who translates the language of living..."

[ Asahi News, Japan ]

"...it is not only finished skill of master that characterizes her rendition but first of all the striking poetry of her soul that is in full swing.(..)at desert of modern art her playing resembles a life -giving spring which restores the lost harmony of our world.".

[ Ongaku no Tomo,Tokyo Simbun, Japan ]

"...the first sound performed by Dina Yoffe make us believe her...the Pianist strives to express her poetical ideal, her playing is full of truth..." "She captivated her audience with her virtuosic and masterfully confidant manner of expression."

[ Münhner Merkur ]

"…her touch at the Chopin’s Scherzos is very firm, and also filled with lots of delicate colors, which sublimates this performance into the stage of perfection. … Dina Yoffe has proved herself again as one of the best Chopin performers in existence. Her Schumann’s sonata is also an exquisite work. The balance is marvelous between her impulse forward and reasonable composure. “

[ Record Geijutu,Japan ]

"...Yoffe’s four scherzos amazed me. It is not just extremely fine touches from her perfect skills or that her resolute voices are well heard in the inner parts, which make the four scherzos at this recording special. Her exceptional talent to express Schumann’s lyricism is just admirable."

[ Ongaku Gendai ,Japan]